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Chiropractors and Personal Injury

Chiropractors are the largest providers in personal injury cases.  With that being said, the change in cost per claim has raised little by little within the past ten years while the occurrences of injuries have decreased.  [...]

Lien Claims in Personal Injury Cases

When we take a look at personal injury cases and the lien claims it is involved in, there are steps to take when moving forward in the circumstances.  In this article, “7 Steps to Approaching Lien [...]

Social Media and its Impact on your Life

Today, people post on social media at such a swift and careless rate, they forget to think about the impact it could have on your professional life.  Not only can this affect you when looking for [...]

Is Mediation a Necessity?

Experienced lawyers may not see mediation as a necessity in personal injury claims, but does that mean it isn’t obligatory?  Certain cases can require a mediator because of the penalization in expenses for not appointing one.  [...]

A Personal Injury Record Demand in 2014

Arizona’s personal injury legal firm, Hastings and Hastings, hits an all time high record demand in 2014 for personal injury lawyer assistance.  The firm represents its clients with positive solutions to each unique accident, earning a [...]

The Personal Injury Timeline

To simplify the search of doctors on liens, Power Liens provides attorneys a smoother path when working on cases.  Have you ever questioned the steps that go into a personal injury case?  With time, patience, understanding, [...]

Personal Injury Auto Insurance

The tools that give their clients are the ability to compare quotes towards low cost personal injury auto insurance.  In a recent blog post published by the website, the pros and cons of personal injury protection [...]