Improving Workers’ Compensation Efficiency In Your Practice

When handling workers’ compensation cases several factors tend to dissuade practices from accepting patients. Excessive paperwork, authorization issues, and delay in payment/reimbursement are all factors that will usually cause doctors to view these matters as a financial burden. However, several states in the nation have passed regulations that allow for practices to make workers’ compensation treatment a worthwhile investment. Some practices have seen workers’ compensation grown to account for a quarter of their income. These successful practices have invested greatly in the marketing fields (through websites like Power Liens) and usually have a marketing representative who will spend a great deal of time on workers’ compensation matter. Marketing is not the only part of the “science” of increasing the efficiency of workers comp in your practice. A few things that will help make workers’ compensation worthwhile include:

  • Knowing and managing all the details
  • Frequent communication with employers and payers
  • Utilizing technology
  • Tracking your reimbursements

Following all these steps above every step of the way, from first appointment to the patient returning fully healthy to work, will help make timely reimbursement a realization. Some specialists can see steady income from workers’ compensation. However, that steady income will come with some interesting challenges that each practice will have to manage. Most patients want to know what the cause of their ailment is and get speedy treatment but some will not be motivated to finish treatment promptly and return to work. Fast and precise handling of paperwork along with an efficient appointment scheduling system will help master the problems associated with workers’ comp. Some practices have gone as far as assigning one person to handle all their workers’ compensation billing from beginning to end. The more precise and specialized the process becomes for the practice, managing the bureaucracy will become less of a hassle for all parties involved.

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