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Boating Accidents: Things You Need To Know For The Spring

Spring time means some added fun out on the water. However, not everyone enjoys this past time in a sober state. Many times alcohol becomes involved in the boating experience and accidents occur. There are things you need to know in order to gather as much evidence possible when you’re involved in an accident. Here is top-ten list to remember

  1. Get Medical Treatment
  2. Let the medical facility know it was a boat injury
  3. Do not divulge injury details to anyone besides medical staff
  4. Notify the U.S. Coast Guard (Similar to getting a police report)
  5. Get contact info from boat captains who were directly involved or were witnesses
  6. Retain a Personal Injury Lawyer
  7. Do not sign any documents from insurance companies without your lawyer’s approval
  8. Attend all medical appointments and finish course of treatment
  9. Keep receipts of your medical care
  10. Notify your insurance company

It is very important that you follow the steps above if you want to make your legal matter as efficient and quick as possible. Any deviation could lead to bothersome delays in the settlement process and may even lead to no compensation. When you are searching for medical attention you and your lawyer will most like search a directory like to find a doctor on lien. On Power Liens, doctors who work on a lien are listed by geographical location where they can be searched and used by personal injury attorneys to have their clients treated without any costs out of pocket. With being the largest online directory you can find just about any specialty you will need based on the injuries you received.

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