General — 25 March 2013
Injury Rates Rise With The Arrival of Spring

With the arrival of spring comes a relief from the winter months that kept individuals bundled up inside their homes. Also, the added extra hour of sunlight gives us all a chance to get back out there and do the things we were missing. As a driver you have to be more aware of your surroundings because more and more people with be on the streets, sidewalk, and in crosswalks. Most people will take advantage of the warmer months to be outside running, biking, rollerblading, or even boating. All these activities have inherent risk to individuals performing the acts and to even those in the vicinity of the act. This can mean a higher rate of injuries because there is more opportunity to get hurt. The last thing anyone wants is to do is cause bodily harm to another person because of negligence. If an unfortunate accident does take place and are you in need of treatment it is best to contact a personal injury lawyer to help you get treatment without having any upfront costs to you or your insurance provider. The cost of healthcare is very high and if you don’t have insurance it can be very difficult to get treatment. Personal injury attorneys have praised the arrival of, a free online directory they can search to find doctors on lien. These are specific doctors the attorneys seek out. These doctors are able to provide treatment on what is called a lien. A lien is a promise to reimburse the doctor monetarily for his services if the patient is awarded an insurance settlement amount because of the injuries they sustained. Power Liens has created the largest free online directory that lists these doctors in the states of Arizona, California, Florida, and Illinois. Attorneys no longer have to search through phone books calling every doctor’s office; they can visit and with a click find a doctor for their client(s). So if you are out enjoying the great weather of Spring and become the unfortunate victim of a personal injury matter, seek out legal help and get to a doctor with coordination from your attorney.

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